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The Leadership Question: What Is The Cause of The Decline of the Ruling APC's Influence in Nigeria?

Posted By: Gboyega Adedeji          In: Politics & Governance          65 Views         (Nov 09, 2018)

 The Leadership Question: What Is The Cause of The Decline of the Ruling APC

According to Dr. John C. Maxwell (a prominent Leadership expert) said, "Everything rises and falls on leadership"; implying that when all is said and done, the success or the otherwise of any group, team, organization or nation is a consequence of the actions and the inaction of its leader(s).


In 2015, Nigerians massively supported, while some reasonable millions VOTED for the All Progressive Congress at the Presidential polls, and their members were massively given the green light the Legislative chambers. From that time in 2015 to this moment (2018); it has been from one drama to another. In fact, one could conclude that the reason for the low patronage of the FG for the entertainers (Nollywood, Comedians & the Musicians) unlike the previous Government led by President Goodluck Jonathan is the apparent size of actors, comedians and musicians is the current government - For why should they invite Timi Takolo for a song of "Great Nation" when they have (better still, had) Senator Dino among others. From the some Cabinet Ministers to Party leadership, it is one drama to another - and most times, uninteresting works for that matter!


I am currently so overwhelmed by the attitude of some Presidential aides I wonder, why on earth did anyone invite them for TV shows or ask them questions - you will never get the truth from them! If leadership is about influence, and influence thrives in an atmosphere of trust; I am of the opinion that the current ruling Party in Nigeria has wasted so much trust that Nigerians had for them - they are only RULING, not leading Nigerians at the moment.


Each time I call to remembrance of the success of the AD, AC, ACN & even APC in Lagos State; I tell myself that it must be because there is a Party leadership, which is different from the State Government leadership. Successful moments in Lagos State were moments when the Governor focused on governance, while some other persons focused on activities of the Party. The All Progressive Congress at the National level is said to be led by President Muhammadu Buhari, a man who is more of a general than a politician; an aging Statesman, a man of few (or no) words. A man who is acclaimed to be honest and void of corruption - hence, one who can't make compromises. While all that looks great as a virtue for leadership. It is important we consider the context of his leadership. He is made a leader over the nation and also a leader over the party. Does that not appear a task too much for an old man? How do they expect his aging mind to cope with the enormous pressure from State chapters of the Party and from National Assembly members? If the truth must be told, there is need for APC to separate itself from the physical weaknesses of its National Leadership, if the party would achieve any success in 2019 elections.


Just recently, Mr President claimed to be ignorant of what was happening at the Party, especially during the primaries; Governor Amosun and Governor Rochas have both been complaining about the high-handedness of the NWC of the party under the leadership of the Comrade ex-Governor Adams. Allegations of bribe has been mounting; yet, the Presidency claimed ignorance - who would believe that? If the ruling APC would avoid the looming defeat at the polls in 2019; then, they must put their house in order. The CHANGE must be effected at the Party first, and if they succeed, they can then export that CHANGE to Nigeria. APC is a party that must change now, if they don't want Nigerians to change their allegiance to other parties! I rest my case for now!





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The Leadership Question: What Is The Cause of The Decline of the Ruling APC
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