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The Law of Influence

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The Law of Influence

A Leader Either Influences Or Is Influenced

A man of God said that it was Abraham that taught Sarah how to lie. But I do not agree. Sarah herself has been lying from the onset. She even lied to God (even though she claimed that she was afraid). I would therefore say that when Abraham told her to lie that she was his sister; if she was not used to lying herself, she would have raised a spiritual caution to her husband; but instead, she consented.

Abraham taught his family about obedience to God through faith; but he forgot to stress the importance of telling the truth always, irrespective of the immediate consequences.

His children naturally took after the behaviour of their father and mother and even improved on it. Jacob even became a master in it. If a leader does not correct a wrong act of his people; if he does not enforce the right ethics; he or she would also find himself or herself in their midst or company. A leader either influences by instruction, correction and rebuke or he or she is influenced by the deficiencies of his people.

"A husband must therefore see to a total growth and development of his wife or he will soon fall prey to her shortcomings."

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There is a perfect moment for every matter - even your smiles must come at the right time. Every time you respond to the law of times & seasons, you get the most of life opportunities! #WOWDaily #WindOfWisdomDaily #Wisdom @gboyegaadedeji @Leadersoil @Centre_NDL @LGAdedeji

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