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How To Change the Cause of Societies As One Man or Woman Under God

Posted By: Gboyega Adedeji          In: National Transformation          76 Views         (Oct 30, 2018)

 How To Change the Cause of Societies As One Man or Woman Under God

To many people, children are results of marital pleasure or sexual enjoyment. Because a man and a woman meets in an intimate sexual atmosphere; therefore, children comes. As long as you can have a man and a woman together in a place for a period of time, there will be children. While all that may be correct, I believe the matter of bearing children is much more than that. I have come to realize that children comes not just because a man and a woman meets; but because God desires a CHANGE.


Come to think of it, why do men and women die, leaving their children behind? Among other things, men and women die because they have played their part, and another must be given the opportunity to play his or her part. Because of change, men and women come and they go - while the earth remains.


Sometimes, change comes when men and women in play decides to embrace CHANGE; but when these people refuse to change, they are CHANGED for a new experience in a place among a people.


As a result of the evil done by the people of the land of Judah in Israel, God decided to speak against them and then provoke change in their hearts and the way they live their lives. To provoke that change, God raised up a man called Jeremiah, see what happened between him and God:


....Therefore prepare yourself and arise, and speak to them all that I commanded you.

Do not be dismayed before their faces, lest I dismay you before them.


Jeremiah 1:17


If you observe the words of that Scripture very carefully, you would notice about three (3) things that God instructed Jeremiah to do for Him. Those three things are as follows:


- Prepare yourself

- Arise

- Speak


I am therefore of the opinion that anyone who intends to change his or her society for the glory of God and the good of his or her people, must never take things for granted; but must follow these steps as a matter of principle for effective and speed. To change a society, a man or woman must be prepared first. You must spend time on yourself, the same way you spend time on your work was an advice given sometime ago by an expert. Spend time to grow yourself, spend time to improve yourself. If you must do great things, you must first become a great person. What you do must be an overflow or outflow of what is inside of you. If you're empty inside, you won't have much to give out to others.


After you have prepared yourself, you must then ARISE. You can't arise and be comfortable at the same time. You must leave your comfort zone for your zone of power and authority. You must start something, you must create something, you must begin something. To arise for you may mean you start that new organization, start that new campaign or even build that new association. You must arise! You cannot continue to complain and then arise. Those who complain don't arise, they actually do nothing. If you arise, it means that you're not merely complaining, you are working on how to fix the problems.


After you have risen up, you must start speaking, you must start declaring. Speaking to you may mean that you start going to the places or people that must listen or partner with your cause. Speaking may mean that you start fixing the problem yourself. Now that you've prepared yourself and you have even gone further to start organizations that can solve the societal problems; speaking may mean that you're now doing what you have been prepared to do, saying the words you have known must be spoken and connecting with the right people to change your community or society.

Remember, until you have prepared yourself and taken steps to create solutions to your societal problems; all you will be doing is complaining, which actually solves nothing!


President, Centre for New Dimension Leadership






Source: [CentreNDL]

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How To Change the Cause of Societies As One Man or Woman Under God
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