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How God Distribute Resources In His Kingdom: Your Best Bet To Receive Your Own Portion

Posted By: Gboyega Adedeji          In: Spiritual Maturity          749 Views         (Aug 21, 2017)

 How God Distribute Resources In His Kingdom: Your Best Bet To Receive Your Own Portion

We cannot talk about God in this article without due consideration to the book inspired by God - the Bible. According to the first book of the Bible, Genesis 1:1, we understand that in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. Being the creator of those territories, He became the LORD of the heavens and the earth. Hence, those places are territories of His Kingdom.

If we move on from that understanding, we can then narrow our focus in this piece on the earth - one of the territories created in the beginning by The LORD God. From my close observation of the earth, which am sure you will agree to; I have found that resources are not evenly distributed, yet, resources are enjoyed by different places or people living on the earth. The question then is, "how does God distribute resources on earth?" Let us take water as a resource for instance; water is not available in equal proportion in all places on the earth; however, water flows to different places.

This is what I meant, while water is not in large quantity everywhere on earth; water is still not a scare entity or resource on earth. What is the secret of he distribution of water on earth; could it be its fluidity or something else? While observing, I found out the secret of the distribution of water to the nooks and cranny of the earth. That secret is called the law of gravity by the scientist, which I call the law of slope. This law of slope is equally termed the law of stoop by me. The point is, water hardly flows upward; except an external force is behind it; water flows in a slope. Water moves from higher places to lower places; and so, until there is an agreement or a favorable condition for water to flow, even though water is available, it will become dammed.

By design, resources of God does not flow upward; but downward. And until a people or a place or a person is lower in location or position from a particular source; nothing flows into them, it or him or her. The point is, your position or disposition must be lower than the source of any resource you desire for you to be able to receive. Willingness or desire isn't enough, there must be a correct position or disposition for any resource to flow to any man, place or people.

This position or disposition represents a man's attitude of humility. Until a man or a people becomes humble towards a particular source, they will never be able to possess whatever the source has. So, your desire to be rich or knowledgeable notwithstanding, you must be humble enough to become rich or knowledge: for only an empty can deserves a refill. You must empty yourself of pride or your achievements to receive more from God on this earth: for God uses higher people or places to meet the needs of lower people or places.

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How God Distribute Resources In His Kingdom: Your Best Bet To Receive Your Own Portion
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