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What Do I Stand To Benefit Here?
Your being here is surely not by accident; and what you will benefit being here is also not in doubt, but in time!
What You Will Get Here
We Coach Leaders We Coach Leaders We Coach Leaders We Coach Leaders
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The world of sports is field with great celebrities who are making great contributions to their games. Behind these celebrities are loads of coaches. They are not seen; yet their efforts are celebrated in others. We intend to be the behind-the-scene team behind your own leadership success. It is our joy and it is our job!

Great leadership books have been written by leadership gurus around the world; however, there are yet many questions begging answers. Our leadership books are answers to those begging questions.

While we want you to read our books, we cannot wait to start sharing important secrets, tips, keys and principles with you for your growth and success as a leader. Our articles are written just for you - short, precise and instructive!

We have taken out time to prepare leadership lessons for your view satisfaction in video formats. You will be glad you watch anyone of them.

Leadership Insights
Rediscovering Man

Rediscovering Man: Understanding the Body of Man

Man is the spirit creature of God, created and formed in the image and likeness of God and put into an earthen vessel to represent the will of God (the Ki....continue reading

Rediscovering Man

Rediscovering Man: Understanding the Soul of Man

Already, we have rediscovered the body of man, in terms of its meaning, purpose, power....continue reading

Rediscovering Man

Rediscovering Man: Understanding the Spirit of Man

As we have received from the Lord concerning man; we have discussed extensively on the body and the soul of man. And the Lord by His Holy Spirit has opened our eyes to truly see the issue of the body and soul as it relates to....continue reading

How To Secure Your Best Job Appointment

How To Secure Your Best Job Appointment: Presentation Vs Preparation

One thing that most people across culture forbid is idleness of any kind; we love to be involved in activities; we love to make our contributions to the growth and development of our families, organizations, cities and countries. We often consider....continue reading

Our Leadership Videos

The Seed of Leadership (The Secret of Influence & Impact) - Gboyega Adedeji

Gboyega Adedeji - Leadership Insulation

The Triangle of Jesus Christ - Gboyega Adedeji

The Truth About Self-Leadership (Exposed) - Gboyega Adedeji

Experts Leadership Videos

Dr Myles Munroe - The Leadership Philosophy Of Jesus

Discovering Your Personal Leadership | Dr. Myles Munroe

Dr Mensa Otabil 2017 : LEADERSHIP (What is Leadership)

Dr Myles Munroe | The purpose for your life

Leading Worship Music

Owie Abutu_ Pages of my heart( yahweh)

Travis Greene - Made A Way

Jesus at the Center of it All

Travis Greene - Thank You For Being God (The Hill)


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Leadersoil.com is a blog that provides leadership solutions to people, businesses and organizations.

Leadersoil™ is a leadership contagious place - an atmosphere that imparts you with grace for the activation of your leadership gifting and a learning process that prepares you for your own leadership journey.

While it is true that many leaders have failed and are failing; with Leadersoil™, you are assured of a leading companion that challenges, stretches and imparts you.

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